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What People Are Saying

~ Tara

“Purpose helped me through a lot of tough times. I was dealing with many issues and wasn’t sure where I was going with my life. Because of the Purpose staff, I have finally graduated and I am working towards my Dreams.

Purpose will always have a place in my heart.”

~ Meghan

“Attending Purpose has helped open up my eyes to all the potential I actually have. The staff at Purpose is amazing. The school would not exist without the love and devotion the staff shows every student that attends. I really enjoyed my time at Purpose and I think all my fellow classmates have, too. Thanks to all the staff and students for making my time at Purpose memorable.”

~ Josh

“When I came to Purpose my friends were into stealing cars and car stereos. I had a good idea about what this kind of life meant and could have done it myself. I decided to go to school and get a “real” job. Because Purpose was a safe and fun learning environment, I made the effort to stay in school. Now the friends that were stealing cars are either in jail or working at jobs they hate”.

~ Anthony

“If I had not gone to Purpose, I would have been lost in life. I would have spent day after day at the Skytrain station, trying to get money for playing my guitar. I would not have made much because I could not play well. Fortunately, I attended Purpose School and have grown to be an educated and stable young man. I owe my improved guitar playing skills to Randy. Without Purpose I do not know what my guitar future would have been like”.

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