A Lifeline for Youth

The people featured on this page have graciously consented to having their pictures and stories shared in the community.

What People Are Saying

From Parents:

““I really do see so much improvement in my son. It is honestly like night and day at home. I knew Purpose was the right choice for him.”

“My child started at Purpose in September 2017( Grade 8). A change was needed for success to happen. Unsure if the move was right, but had to try. An observation my daughter made on the first day sealed the deal, meaning : you are allowed to be yourself, feel safe and supported. I no longer worry about how her school day is going, she is in good hands. This school fosters an environment of trust and encouragement. Myself and my daughter are proud to say she goes to Purpose Secondary School”

“I don’t know where he would be if it was not for this school. I am so proud of him.”

From students:

“I came to Purpose Secondary School because I lost my reason to try, I needed motivation to take my life off pause. I went for my intake and decided to try a little change. Before I knew it, I felt so at home and secure that I had found my “purpose” to press play on my life.”

“A great learning environment.”

“It’s a safe place where you don’t need to feel afraid of being judged.”

“Purpose is a place to find one’s purpose. It is a place where we can learn from more personal connections and a place of second chances….”

“For those who haven’t yet experienced Purpose, it may seem like just a school of kids that didn’t fit in. However, Purpose is a compassionate and welcoming community..”

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