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Purpose Profile

Purpose Secondary School is an independent school, which exists to serve those students who, for a variety of reasons, find it difficult to succeed in the traditional school system.  Students benefit from the fact that we are a small independent school. Read more…

Student Code of Conduct

In conjunction with the Ministry of Education’s Provincial Code of Conduct, Purpose Secondary has developed a Code of Conduct to ensure a Safe and Caring School. Read more…


Purpose Secondary School faculty work to fit students needs where possible and appropriate, not necessarily bend students to fit the school.


Students succeed at Purpose Secondary School because they learn in small classes, benefit from a structured environment, work to achieve high academic standards and receive one-on-one instruction when they need it. Successful students will receive the BC Dogwood Diploma.

What is special about Purpose School?

Some students need more than they can get in the public school system.  Students who have attended Purpose School have told us that they need to make a connection to their teachers, receive additional support, be cared about, listened to, not be judged and at the same time be challenged to achieve their potential.  They also appreciated the opportunities for a lot of good laughs.

A former student said:

“The sense of community that was created and supported by the staff was a huge draw.  Staff and peer relationships weren’t lorded over us.  Often in public school, I struggled with power trips with other teachers, while Purpose staff worked hard at connecting with us as people.  There was also a ton of personal support.  The teachers truly cared and you could really feel that.”

Purpose School is able to offer individualized learning schedules to meet the needs of students who have work or family commitments.  Students on a regular schedule attend one class in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This enables students to focus on the work and complete courses more quickly.  Fridays are available for special tutoring or individualized instruction.

In order to provide a rounded education, there are many field trips and extra-curricular activities.  Students attend events like the symphony, art shows, museums, plays, ballet performances, Science World, skiing and snowboarding. Some of these trips may have a cost; however, every student can attend the events regardless of their financial status.

Message from our Principal

At Purpose Secondary School we strive to educate not only the mind but the heart. The staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of students who for a variety of reasons have chosen to pursue their education in an independent school setting. The students who attend Purpose Secondary School benefit from smaller class sizes in a relationship-based learning environment where students feel both emotionally and physically safe to learn.


Caring, skilled teachers and ancillary staff help each student address their challenges related to learning and their social and emotional well-being or mental health. Students are encouraged to achieve their potential, take responsibility for their lives and develop a strong set of learning and life skills. Purpose Secondary School is part of a larger social service agency offering a continuum of programs to children, youth and family in the areas of health, education, childcare, counselling and skill development. It takes a village to raise a child and at Purpose School we are committed to each youth who joins our school community – a community with heart and purpose.



Merrilyn Cook-Nordheimer

Purpose Secondary School

40 Begbie Street

New Westminster, British Columbia V3M 3L9

604 526 2522

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Insuring youth have access to an education is a gift that will resonate for generations to come. Please consider donating to Purpose Secondary School.

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